Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Memory Lane!

At long last I am making a concerted effort to transfer all our slides (from 1982 to about 1998) onto the computer. We bought this nifty FilmScan35-I last year and tested it on a few slides, but the novelty wore off and it went in a corner along with the cassette-to-digital device.

On the mend from some minor neck surgery, I spent a day last week transferring over the first of eleven slide carousels. Each box was like opening up a treasure chest of memories, image by image! Oh my goodness! Look at us back then! And look at our sweet little babies! From our honeymoon to trips to see family and excursions to Disneyland, I was amazed at those wonderful memories we'd let sit in a closet for so long.

A newly married couple in Puerto Vallarta

Doug fishing with our sweet Bobby Baker

Hi Dumbo!

Storybook Island in Rapid City
Rob with his bunny and favorite finger

Phil around one
When I wrote the Mother's Day post, I was quite disappointed that I couldn't find any pictures where I was holding Phillip when he was little. All our photo albums had him either on his own or being held by other people. Was I really too busy to hold my Philly Phellow? Thankfully, this treasure trove of slides has given me back some vivid pictures of precious times:

I can't wait to travel back through time as I unveil the remaining slides in our collection. I'm already working on the 6th carousel and have come across a number of fashion statements that thankfully have since gone out of style...
Like Perms and Polyester...

...Short Shorts...

...Or Chopping Wood!

 After the slides are completed, the next project is to digitize all the photo albums in the basement. I think I'm gonna need a bigger backup drive!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Take a Break

I don't do leisure well. I thought I did, and over the years I'd work really hard to orchestrate relaxing moments. A number of the blog posts in my archives have reflected the need for more time, taking a holiday, being on holiday or generally NEEDING a holiday. Two years post working life, however, it is obvious I've not learned the knack of taking a break. It's not a problem to stop for a bit, settle into a book or TV show, but before long the mind begins to wander, and virtual lists begin forming of all the things I "should" be doing rather than enjoying a bit of quiet time.

There is always something that needs to be done, isn't there? Short-term projects, long-term plans; dog hair that settles on furniture and floor five minutes after cleaning; never-ending tasks that ensure not being bored for a moment the rest of my life. And that's a good thing! Really! But aren't unread stories and jigsaw puzzles and time to blog also good things?

Once you've spent a number of years multitasking your life (manic-tasking?), you get into a routine of juggling duties alongside pleasures. It is little wonder that you could stop, cold-turkey, even when the need to multitask was no longer there. There is also a guilt that is associated with giving up the work force that makes you (or at least, me) feel like you have to produce to be viable. It's hogwash, I know, but it doesn't stop me from feeling it. It's a demon that wine is somewhat successful in squelching...but what squelches the demon wine? 

I think it comes down to compartmentalizing our thoughts, lists and actions to make room for relaxation and times of respite - and to do that without feeling guilty for not performing and producing ALL the time.The trick is...how?!?

Something that is related to the problem is over-scheduling ourselves. Being already over-scheduled in my work life, I didn't have a lot of time for lunches out, concerts, volunteering and a multitude of other fun activities. Once I "retired", the calendar was open for business, and it is still hard to say no to all the possibilities that present themselves. It's not a joke that I don't know when I ever found the time to work, as busy as I am now. It's clear that I must learn to protect my time and savor the quiet moments as much as I do the frenetic ones. Any suggestions on how that could be accomplished, guilt-free and with only moderate "medicinal" wine use?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day!

A day set aside for moms. Isn't that nice? And even though there are those who will say it is a Hallmark Holiday just to be added to the list of Grandmothers, Fathers, Bosses, Secretaries (oops, make that Administrative Professionals), Flags and Groundhogs, it is still a day to be acknowledged for that special relationship a mother has with her child.
Rob 1990
Phil 1986

I've always felt totally honored to have been given the responsibility of raising children. My two sons. Precious treasures directly from God. OK - I might as well admit that although it sounds somewhat sarcastic, there is a lot of humbleness attached to those statements. Frankly, without God, what kind of mother would I have been? And without Doug, how could I have managed on my own? And without those two really NICE boys, how easy would it have been?
Phil's not happy
Blue-Eyed Guy

Brotherly Love?

One year we had planned to go to Glenwood Springs for the weekend, but a May snowstorm (yep!) kept us in Denver. Doug was none too pleased when I used the money we didn't spend at the hotel and hot springs to buy the boys a Play Station game system, instead of them gifting me for Mother's Day. Theirs had been stolen not that long before, and since we didn't get to go on the trip together, it brought me joy to surprise and delight them. Opening the presents I had wrapped, they were elated and confused, while Doug looked on with disgust. I wasn't sure if he didn't think they deserved it or if he was just upset we didn't get to go to Glenwood.

Over the years, my boys and I have formed a bond that is priceless. I love my adult sons. Such characters they are! They delight and entertain; they are bright and interesting beyond belief; they are different, yet carry the same moral compass. So I'll accept this Hallmark Moment for what it means in my heart. My mother was a Rock in my life, and I pray that the Lord will continue to guide me to be the same in my sons' lives.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Time Keeps on Slipping...

It's been awhile...

My last post was before my oldest's wedding. September was filled with friends, family, laughs and many, many tears of joy. Just a few snapshots of awesome memories being made.

Rehearsal Dinner at Bubba Gump's in Breckenridge
(one of Phil and Sarah's favorite eateries)

Doug, Phil and Me 
My sweet Rob 
Doug and my niece Jeanne  (my lifesaver!)


Sarah's Dad, Mom and the Pastor

The Pastor's Wife, Sarah's Grandma and Uncle

Aren't they precious? 

Rob & Vanessa
 Friends and family were pretty precious too!
Doug & Rita
The Walters Family

Steve, Angie, Sarah, Phil, Lisa, Andrew, Jeannie

Bill & Becky
David & LaVon
Phil, Sarah, Mike, Cyndi, Cathy
Jay & Jim

Phil & Sarah with Dave, Carole and Jody

My favorite wedding pics of Phillip and Sarah

A wonderful event and the Lord's Blessing on all who gathered.